The Whig Plan

The goals of the Whig Party and its plan are pretty simple. The goals are three pronged but lead to one ultimate goal. Encourage independent thinking and acting making it rational for the American citizen to participate again actively in government and politics.  Develop real leaders from the American citizenry, citizen representatives, not career politicians. Focus on long term problem solving when it comes to issues. All three of these goals lead to the ultimate goal of the Modern Whig Party; help the American people bring about the best government possible and always strive to put public service ahead of politics.

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.

- Albert Einstein

While the Whigs have a rich history, for over one hundred years the Whigs have been dormant. That has changed. We were reborn by vets returning from Iraq and Afghanistan who knew that their nation and the American people could and must do better than the partisan bickering that has engulfed America. Many of these vets form a core within the Whigs and serve an example to the rest of us to sacrifice and serve our communities and nation.

We realize that the cards are stacked against us. We are average Americans coming together against the larger political machines of the Democratic and Republican parties. These two parties dominate the government in a way that puts their respective ideologies ahead of real results that America needs.

We will be patient as we grow to better serve the American people, always reaching out and serving. We will also be active and create our own opportunities through efforts to spread the word about the Whigs in our communities and through community service projects, to show America we are your friends and neighbors and we care about America first and always.

We will develop tools to allow members and citizens to get involved and grow in their ideas and thoughts about government. We encourage independent thinking and acting. We will help train new leaders, citizen leaders who want to serve their nation as a public officials; not because of their personal ambition or career choices but because to serve is to be a good citizen and good neighbor.

We will work from grassroots up. While we will run and support Whig candidates for public service at all levels of government, we will focus on the local and state offices. These citizens can gain experience as representatives at the local and state level. They will show how the Whig philosophy is an American philosophy and it works. Then they will be able to gain experience and support for federal offices.

We will work to redefine the issues facing America. We will look at the core causes of problems, free from emotional responses focusing on what is effective over ideology. We will help Americans to realize that we all must take responsibility in our nation for its course and future. The Whigs will always be servants of the American people and encourage the American people to take a more active role in the citizen representative relationship.

All of our plan will take time and effort. We will have setbacks and successes, ebbs, and flows. The Whigs will remain committed to our course of pragmatic approaches and solutions when it comes to politics and government.

America is a great and strong nation but there are cracks in the foundation of America. This happens with everything in life and we must work to make sure our America is an America for all of us now and in the future. The Whigs  are not perfect, and America will never be perfect but the Whigs working with every fellow American willing to work with us will make America the best it can be.