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"Winner-take-all" should be re-considered

Each election there are some who want to change how we elect the President. Specifically, there are calls to do away with the Electoral College.

I believe the Electoral College is a valid and vital concept. What I disagree with is that the electoral votes are awarded on a "winner take all" basis per State.

I think it would better serve our Republic to award Electoral College votes on a per Congressional district basis. That is, each vote is awarded to the winner of a Congressional district, and the overall State winner gets the two votes represented by the Senate seats. There are a couple of States that already do this.

Changing to this would have no impact on the several small States that have only a single Congressional district. It is the large States like California, Texas and New York that would see a potentially dramatic change is how their votes are allocated.

It will be difficult to do this on a national level, but we can do it here is Nevada just as those other States have. We might wind up splitting our votes 4 - 2, but voters in both our rural and urban areas could feel as if their vote mattered.

This is the position that I hope the Nevada Whigs will adopt and that our candidates for State office will advocate.

Jim Bacon
Chair, Whig Party of Nevada