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Small voter turnout may not be bad

First, I want to congratulate the winners of Tuesday's elections. But even more, I want to thank all of the candidates who ran for their desire to serve the public.

Jon Ralston made the following observation in a tweet Tuesday night: "These small numbers -- 50K votes in #lvmayor, few thousand or hundreds in others -- show why these muni races should be in even years, too."

I understand that by changing the municipal races to even-numbered years there would be a greater turnout, but I wonder if that would really serve the best interests of the citizenry. I have to ask, how many of those who would vote for races far down the ticket would have done any research at all about the candidates, or even know their names?

I think it is all too likely that looking to increase the number of votes in a race simply for the sake of larger numbers could result in races being partially decided by voters who pick names at random, pick the first name on the list, or worse, pick a name based upon perceived nationality. That kind of decision making can not be good for us.

I submit for consideration that even though there is a smaller turnout (and added expense) having municipal elections in odd-numbered years, such elections give a more accurate indication of the will of the citizenry who care enough to vote.