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Barack Obama: Paradoxical Whig

We're not saying this folks, Real Clear Politics is in a story by E.J. Dionne that carries a copyright by the Washington Post Writers Group.

The story lists several perceived paradoxes from President Obama's State of the Union speech and in a couple of cases compares Obama's position to that of the Whigs.

Gettin' Whiggy With It is "um... normal" says Comedy Central's Indecision

You have to be happy to have the attention of Comedy Central's Indecision even if the worst that they can say about you is that you are "normal". On the other hand, writer Sara Benincasa closes the article with this line: "Just give them [the Whigs] time. They'll be churning out diaper-clad Vitters in no time."

"Future looks bright" according to the Pragmatic Center

Recognizing that the Modern Whigs have a lot of work in front of them, Nicholas R. Goebel of The Pragmatic Center offers some optimisim for the Modern Whigs.

Much of his outlook is based upon two factors. First, moderates are becoming more vocal and want to take action. Second, the common sense approach of the Modern Whigs is attractive to those moderates.

Mitch Daniels -- Getting Whiggy

Mitch Daniels, former govenor of Illinois, understands Whiggery, especially when it comes to support for infrastructure. Can he be persuaded to run as a Whig in 2012?

Is the Modern Whig Party Upholding Its 19th Century Principles?

That is the question Bob asks on his blog (Yesterday...and Today) about the Modern Whig view of states' responsibility. He has posted a number of blog entries recently that talk about the Whigs ranging from his ancestors to the Modern Whig Party's seeming to fall back often on the Tenth Amendment and states' rights too much.

This a legitimate concern, and he and some of his blog readers have had a good discussion on it.

NC bill would lower election barriers for third parties, unaffiliated candidates

North Carolina is taking a significant step forward towards making it easier for third parties to gain ballot access. This can only be seen as a Good Thing (tm) for democracy. Not only does the bill enjoy bi-partisan support in the legislature, but there is a coalition of other groups, known as the Free the Vote Coalition (which includes the NC Whigs) supporting it as well.

Questionable Motive, But Still A Good Idea

We don't know what motivates Buckoforce to make his comment, but his goal sure seems reasonable to us. See his comment at by clicking on "Original article" below.