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Should Nevada have the Lottery?

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This question is being brought up as a means to help increase revenue for the schools.

The strongest and most common argument against having one is that it hurts poor people more than helps them. I understand this argument and accept that it has some validity.

But here in Nevada we have a different environment than elsewhere.

Our poor (and not so poor) are already chasing their dreams at the local casinos. Plus, given that the California state line is so close to our major population centers many are already playing the lottery and sending that money to California.

I think that those mitigating circumstances are sufficient to say we should have the Lottery here in Nevada.

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I'm for 2 lotteries. One for schools and one for charities. People will gamble anyway, so let it benefit some good purposes. Funds for both are needed.

One of the uses for the charitable cause could be for treatment of gambling addiction. Plus, the charities could use part of the money to help the poor, or children of the poor, and the money would have a cyclic movement.