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Call for nuclear power and Yucca Mtn

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In keeping with our stated principle of energy independance, I submit that we should strongly support the increased production of power by nuclear energy. I view this as an interim solution to help us reduce our reliance on oil, much of which is imported, with an eye towards sustainable sources in the long term.

Regarding generating revenue and tax base in Nevada, I propose one easy way would be to push hard for the Yucca Mtn waste storage facility. This would bring high-paying jobs to Nevada and would help establish our state as part of the energy solution for the future of this country.

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Just want to mention that besides the earthquake faults in NV, the Big One in California could have an effect in NV.

Also, we have a super volcano in NV, and if Yellowstone's blows, perhaps there could be a chain reaction.

What about the water needed for such a facility? We are already facing problems in the future, in spite of the brief respite from last winters snow in Colorado. Let's say that all that tax money goes to building the facility, and we run out of water faster. It means added cost to Nevada residents for water because it is becoming the new oil with the world competing for water, or LV becomes a large Bodie. (I guess that would be great for expansion of nuclear waste disposal and power plants in NV.)

Finally, the transportation issues are significant because it has been shown that there were plans to ship nuclear waste through Las Vegas, not only out in the desert.

The results may not effect us, but could effect future generations. I could say 'yes' because it won't effect me, but I cannot let go of my concern for others.

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There was also a proposal that because of the infrastructure for the internet in the area to create a national data repository at yucca mountain. Easier to build out and would require a lot of high paying jobs. Nevada does not want what yucca was originally purposed for. change the purpose and gain from it. a data center would have a higher ability to survive the disasters mentioned above. a nuclear repository is nothing but a long term disaster waiting to happen. let it go to a state that wants it.