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Affleck film used in debt ceiling discussions

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House majority Whip McCarthy (R-Calif.) used a snap from the movie "The Town" during the debt ceiling talks Tuesday. The snap was meant to motivate House Republicans to back Speaker John Boehner's debt plan. Article resource - Ben Affleck weighs in on movie clip used in debt debates by Newsytype.com.

This happens in the movies

Affleck not only wrote, but additionally directed, "The Town," a 2010 critically acclaimed film. Ben Affleck even incorporated the help of a friend to act out a revenge scene. "I need your help. I can't tell you what it is. You can never ask me about it later," he says. To which his friend replies, "Whose car are we gonna take?"

Was this a secret manipulation or just a movie

Several people were irritated with this movie. According to a few critics, this is a way to push the GOP's strategy.

Alexandra Petri, Washington Post humor columnist stated, "Great. With inspirational tactics like this, who needs detractors?" Petri went on to suggest scenes from movies as diverse as "Up" and "the Godfather" that she felt made analogies every bit as sensible as McCarthy's strategy.

How the scheme turned out

The movie did get its voice out to a few individuals. The film even got support from Florida Republican Rep. Allen West, who is noted saying, "I'm ready to drive the auto."

More movies to come

Currently Affleck is filming "Argo," in Turkey. Argo is about the Tehran hostage situation. "I don't know if this is a compliment or the ultimate repudiation," said the actor. "But if they're going to be watching movies, I think 'The Company Men' is more appropriate."


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