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Sen. Harry Reid and the oldest profession

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Senator Harry Reid has certainly stirred up a hornet nest with his speech today in Carson City. (You can find the prepared text of his speech here.)


Specifically, Reid says it is time to outlaw prostitution in our state. Well, what do you think? Speaking strictly for myself as a private citizen I say leave it as it is now, a decision for local government. I am encouraged to take this position by the fact that several leaders in Carson City, on both sides of the aisle, have taken the same view. Look at this story in the Las Vegas Sun to get a feel for reactions in general.


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I agree with Jessica on this. One reason is from an experience I had in years past.

I spent some Christmas's volunteering on Skid Row serving Christmas dinner to the homeless, alcoholics and addicts. They would have 2 and 3 trips back for more food, some of which went into pockets.

Then, a line of about 6 very young, thin, pale, gray faced girls silently came in to get their dinner to go, returning to the rooms upstairs. They looked almost like walking dead.

I cannot tell you how shocking it was to see them in their condition.

From that moment on I have believed that prostitution cannot be stopped, but these girls and woman must be protected in some way.

Legalizing prostitution would open the possibility to have regulations and to work to give them proper healthcare, possible drug rehab, and help in obtaining alternative "professions", even if on a small scale.

It also might be a way of stopping abusive pimps because of the tracking potential.

I don't need to address the financial impact, but I will say that is also a protection for our most lucrative asset, the conventioneers and tourists.