Who Founded The Modern Whigs And Why?

The modern revival was conceived by American soldiers serving in Iraq, who in turn communicated via the internet such ideas with fellow soldiers in Afghanistan.

In Iraq and Afghanistan, soldiers have a lot of time to reflect. These soldiers, like American voters, watched how common sense rationality was being abandoned in favor of partisan bickering and decisions based solely on ideology. They noticed how the partisan fighting and ideological focus trumped common sense on not just military issues, but most other issues as well. This included traffic, education, trade, scientific development, fiscal soundness, energy independence, etc.

Upon the return of these American soldiers in 2006,
they initially revived the Whig Party as a military advocacy organization on behalf of soldiers, veterans, and military families. By 2008, they had attracted a group of military and non-military supporters to the point where they became a mainstream political organization.

The historic Whigs represented a moderate, common sense movement focused on improving US infrastructure and education. In this regard, the returning American soldiers found the Whigs to be an excellent fit in a modern context.