How Are The Modern Whigs Different From America's Major Political Parties?

We are different from the other political parties because our members come from across the political spectrum. Our common sense and pragmatic approach has found a way to reconcile actual common ground among individuals. Unlike other parties, we don't expect our members to agree with everything, in fact, we encourage independent thinking.

Many of our members have expressed while they may be conservative on one issue they may be liberal on another. This exemplifies the importance, the value, and the need for a middle-of-the-road approach to politics. The Modern Whigs have become the answer to closing the political gap embracing ideals and solutions across the political spectrum.

Another important difference between the Modern Whig Party and the other parties is that we look beyond partisan rivalry. We will absolutely support a candidate or elected official from a different party if that person subscribes to a doctrine of common sense and rational solutions rather than ideology. We realize that most people are not limited to one distinct ideology and instead develop an independent one based on specific issues.