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A very loose translation would be "Don't let the bastards grind you down!"

You can learn much more about this phrase on Google.

To show the armadillo it could be done.


The modern revival was conceived by American soldiers serving in Iraq, who in turn communicated via the internet such ideas with fellow soldiers in Afghanistan.

When looking at the Modern Whig Logo, there are four distinct characteristics to the logo: the color blue, the color red, a white band dividing the two colors and four white stars. Each of these items has a unique meaning to them and they are as follows:

The Whig OwlThe Whig Owl

  • Blue - represents Liberalism
  • Red - represents Conservatism
  • The White Band - represents Liberals and Conservatives meeting on common grounds, in other words meeting in the middle
  • The Four White Stars - represent the American government: judicial branch, legislative branch, executive branch, and the American Voter.

The owl throughout history had many different powerful meanings. The owl represents knowledge, wisdom, foresight, and intelligence - something that Washington and American politics seems to lack - these are all critical core values adopted by the Modern Whigs.

The last known national meeting held by the Whig Party was at the Owl Club in Brooklyn, New York, 1852. The choice of the Owl also symbolizes are connection with the older Whig party.

The old American Whig Party’s primary colors were blue and buff. In keeping with the old Whig tradition, the Modern Whig Party is keeping these colors in use.

Throughout the centuries since its origin, the name of "Whig" has been attached to those who oppose government run amok. It was used during the Wars of the Three Kingdoms (1639-1651) when it was used to refer to a faction of the Scottish Covenanters. It was used use in the 1680's in England when there was the threat of establishment of a line of Catholic Kings starting with King James II; the Whigs were hugely responsible for the Glorious Revolution of 1688. During the American Revolution it was a term used for supporters against the British in the war of independence.

We continue to grow and have a number of state chapters in various stages of filing with their respective Secretary of State for ballot access. We look to continue to be a voice in the political arena.

The Modern Whig Party is essentially rewriting the book on building a viable, rational, and realistic political movement. A number of the third parties are very similar to the Republicans and Democrats in that they follow their own hard-lined ideologies and remain unabashedly antagonistic toward opposing political organizations. In contrast, the Modern Whig Party continues to focus on common sense, rational solutions ahead of such partisan bickering and ideology.

There is a profound desire for a non-fringe political movement that caters to independent-minded people in a rational manner without the lobbyist rhetoric. This is what you will find with the Modern Whigs.

We are different from the other political parties because our members come from across the political spectrum. Our common sense and pragmatic approach has found a way to reconcile actual common ground among individuals. Unlike other parties, we don't expect our members to agree with everything, in fact, we encourage independent thinking.

The Modern Whig Party falls within a category of its own.

Our membership includes people from all over the political spectrum including Republicans and Democrats. We focus on common ground in solving problems instead of posturing and positioning in unpractical solutions.

A Modern Whig, or Whig for short, is a person who recognizes and appreciates ideological values on all sides of a political spectrum and pushes forward toward common sense solutions that address the issues at hand.

Members of the Modern Whig Party are independent-minded voters who want to be affiliated with a moderate, common-sense party. The Modern Whig Party is not just another temporal third party. We encourage participation and offer leadership positions to many qualified members. Our mission is to engage public participation and cater to independent minded voters. We have adopted the most sensible issues supported by both the Republican and Democratic parties, a reason why our membership is so diverse in their geographic locations, occupations, and lifestyles.

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However, an account will be created if you do not already have one if you decide to join the Nevada Whigs.

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