Is the Modern Whig Party Upholding Its 19th Century Principles?

That is the question Bob asks on his blog (Yesterday...and Today) about the Modern Whig view of states' responsibility. He has posted a number of blog entries recently that talk about the Whigs ranging from his ancestors to the Modern Whig Party's seeming to fall back often on the Tenth Amendment and states' rights too much.

This a legitimate concern, and he and some of his blog readers have had a good discussion on it.

I think that at the end of the day they will see that we do not hold this out as a cure-all for every problem. Just look at the Erie Canal and Transcontinental Railroad, those certainly had great economic benefit to some, but even more overall to the entire nation. As much as each state involved wanted to control various aspects, it turned out that it was the federal government that had to guide them. (I would argue that Ike could have been a Whig with the Interstate Highway System.)

I hope you read Bob's original post and the comments that follow it, it is well worth the read and should make for good discussion.