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Thoughts on the fallout from 9/11

There have been events in our history from the very beginning that have helped form our national character. But few, if any, have had such a transformational effect as 9/11 has. That horrible day will forevermore will be held up alongside Pearl Harbor as the definition of infamy. But while Pearl Harbor and prior events have served to strengthen our national identity and dedication to liberty, 9/11 has taken away from that.

For all the outrage and military action following 9/11, the primary response was to give in to fear.

Change at the top

The Whigs of Nevada announce that chairman Mike Bergstrom has resigned. Bergstrom had been state chair for several years. Jim Bacon has been appointed as the new Nevada Whig chairman. Bacon is a web professional and U.S. Navy veteran who served on the U.S.S. Ranger.

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